The Civic Ownership Mindset Is What Sets Leaders Apart

We often hear about the need for greater Civic Engagement, but what does that mean exactly? Getting involved? Running for office? Serving on a board or commission?

You have the power to influence decisions that impact the fabric of your community. You can make life better for everyone.

Each of us operate personally and professionally in a large civic ecosystem that is the West Valley. If you employ your leadership skills to improve quality of life and commerce for all, you might just be a 4th Quadrant Leader.

A 4th Quadrant Leader is an individual with a highly developed set of leadership skills combined with an equally developed Civic Ownership Mindset.

The Civic Ownership Mindset is the highest manifestation of Love of Community. It’s about selflessly taking action to protect, promote and give back to the people and businesses that make up a community. Think William Wallace. Joan of Arc. Ghandi.

4th Quadrant Leaders are rare. Not all wonderful leaders know how to leverage their skills in benefit of the community. Not all civic-minded individuals have the leadership skills required to be an effective steward of change. That’s where Leadership West steps in.

Through the Leadership West Flagship Program, courageous leaders in the West Valley are exposed to the realities and issues surrounding their region, so that they can better serve it. The program empowers leaders to hone in on their leadership skills and realize that it is themselves who will ensure the region’s prosperity.

The complexity and significance of challenges and opportunities in the West Valley continue to grow. The region needs 4th Quadrant Leaders who will make the best of both to ensure onward and upward growth. You have what it takes to be a 4th Quadrant Leader. Further develop your leadership skills and civic ownership mindset through the Leadership West Flagship Program.

Getting in the right frame of mind.

We often hear of the need for greater civic engagement. What does that mean, exactly? Getting involved, running for office, or serving on a board? To Leadership West, it means more engagement in the form of action, combined with a selfless motive.

An individual’s engagement can help the community or hurt the community – but it’s still ‘engagement.’  Those seeking to benefit themselves by engaging in the public sphere don’t necessarily make things any better, yet they are civically engaged.  What society needs – what the West Valley needs – is more individuals that become civically engaged with the right mindset – the Civic Ownership Mindset. The term ‘ownership’ refers to stewardship, not possession.

Become part of the Leadership West Flagship Program to further develop your Civic Ownership Mindset.

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