150 Hours to Transform Exceptional Individuals into 4th Quadrant Leaders.

Invest in Yourself. Invest in West Valley.

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We  want the West Valley to continue thriving. To see to that, we are equipping leaders with greater regional awareness, access to an influential network of trail blazers, and the ability to super refine their leadership skills. You and the community are worth the investment. We are  shaping the West Valley and cannot wait to fully immerse you in the region.

Let’s talk about West Valley landmarks. Conflict resolution. New businesses making an impact. Managing teams. Transportation. Communicating persuasively. Preservation. Running a critical meeting. Commercial development. Strategic planning. Legislation. Our thoughtful curriculum covers anything and everything under the West Valley sun.

Refine Your Leadership

Obtain Regional Awareness

Network with Trailblazers

Invest in Yourself & Community

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Had you told me 13 years ago that my life would forever be changed, I would have said you were crazy. Now I’m living proof that my classmates and peers that I met through Leadership West have all made me a better person & brightened my life so much. I am forever indebted & will forever remain a committed alumni who knows the power of this program.

Leadership West Flagship Program

Leadership West’s 150-hour Flagship Program is designed to transform already  exceptional  individuals into 4th Quadrant Leaders – those who generously utilize their knowledge, collaboration, and skills to make life better for everyone in their organization, community, and region.

Leadership Enhancement Curriculum: Year One

● Class Retreat (In-town)
● Personality Lingo Communication Training
● 5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership Workshop
● Develop Leadership Action Plan
● Issue Day Trainings (8 full-days)
● Applied Leadership Modules (8 modules)
● Focus Tours (2-5 hours in duration each, minimum of 5 tours)

Taking Civic Minded Ownership: Year Two, Post Graduation

● Service on a minimum of one planning committee
● Civic Impact Commitment:
This 12-hour requirement can be completed over the course of two years post- graduation. Class members apply all that they have learned to an area of need in the West Valley. This can be expressed as volunteering, running for office, serving on a board or commission, etc. Class members may also partner to complete their Civic Impact Commitment as a project.

You’ll be charged a $50 application fee first to access the form. If accepted, tuition is $2450. Scholarships are available based on need, and payment plans may be requested.

Even More After Graduation

Upon completion of the 150-hour curriculum, join hundreds in an impactful association that is the Leadership West Alumni  Association (LWAA).

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Leadership West Institute:

The Perfect Leadership Enhancer

Leadership West Institute (LWI), is a power-packed intensive experience that requires a 25+ hour commitment beginning in September, annually. It is an ideal professional development course for those who are recognized by leaders, as showing great leadership potential with an increasing desire to take on more responsibility. LWI is a valuable tool to further develop their ability and self-awareness as a leader.

LWI Curriculum: 10 Modules

● Personality Lingo Communication Training
● 5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership Workshop
● Develop Leadership Action Plan
● Applied Leadership (8 Modules)

Leadership  West Institute (LWI) is often the perfect ‘leadership enhancement’ solution for independent participants like West Valley residents, Alumni Association Members, and employees of Leadership West Investors and Sponsors. Flagship Program class members are automatically enrolled in the LWI. Similar to the Flagship Program, enrollment in LWI provides the unique opportunity to develop strong relationships and have interesting discussions with current and up-and-coming leaders in the West Valley.

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Choose Your Leadership Program


$ 2450
  • Exclusive Access to Leadership Contacts
  • Earns Alumni Status with Annual Dues
  • Free Access to Institute Program
  • Flagship Only Focus Tours
  • Considered Continuing Education to Many Employers
  • Limited Availability


$ 795
  • Great for Leaders on a Time Crunch
  • Perfect Primer to Flagship Program
  • Allows for In-Person Connection & Engagement

Did you know many employers will cover Leadership West Flagship tuition? Check with your employer for tuition reimbursement and download this form letter.

Read What Leader Graduates Say About Their Experience

As a Leadership West Class 26 member, and West Valley resident, I appreciate the information and knowledge that has been shared within and throughout this organization. Leadership West has not only expanded my knowledge of the Civic and Leadership arenas, but has provided me with the opportunity to network with some of the finest leaders in Arizona. As an alumnus, I value the friendships that have been created with my classmates and numerous other alumni. Leadership West is a great organization that I am honored to be a part of and would highly recommend.

As a public school administrator working in the West Valley, while not living in the West Valley, Leadership West has given me a new avenue of contacts and connections and an additional lens to view public service from the perspective of the business and nonprofit organizations in the West Valley. The dialogue and connectedness of what everyone brings to the West Valley was most impactful for me. Doing what I do as a special education director, I believe my ability to understand and identify organizations who may assist what we are doing for our students is extremely beneficial to my employer.

Not Sure on Which Life Changing Program to Choose?

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