West-X Leadership Summit

We're showcasing leaders who are charting new paths & pushing the envelope each year at our West-X Leadership Summit.

Find innovative, disruptive and powerful leadership ideas at the annual West-X Leadership Summit by Leadership West Alumni Association (LWAA).

Join Leadership West each February for a collective burst of leadership adrenaline. In a showcase of advanced West Valley leadership, experience high-energy, Ted Talk style presentations from proven trailblazers – leaders who are charting new paths, pushing the envelope and challenging the status quo.

Ready to be provoked, challenged and invited to consider new and different perspectives? West-X Leadership Summit is for you. Depart from the summit with ideas to enhance your leadership abilities.

Become a sponsor of West-X Leadership Summit! Contact [email protected] to learn more and secure sponsorship.

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Empowering passionate leaders with experiences and professional development resources to forge civic-minded leaders, who are making a difference in the West Valley.

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