LWI is a 25+ hour, 10-module leadership development program.

What makes the program even more unique is that LWI participants will join our Flagship Program participants for each session, thereby increasing the number of “Leader to Leader” relationships.

Module 1
Personality Lingo Workshop (4 hours)
Module 2
5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership Workshop (8 hours)
Module 3-9
Applied Leadership Topic (60-90 minutes per module)
Module 10
Develop Leadership Action Plan (60-90 minutes)

Modules 3-9 include topics such as: conflict resolution, building/managing teams, persuasive communication, running critical meetings, change management, strategic planning 101 and current leadership challenges.

In order to successfully complete the LWI, the participant must attend modules 1, 2 and 10.  Additionally, each participant must attend 5 of modules 3-9 (participants can skip two)

In partnership with SRP

Who can attend the LWI?

  • Flagship Program participants:  Those accepted into Leadership West’s Flagship Program are automatically enrolled in the LWI.  The Flagship Program tuition covers their cost.
  • Alumni Association Members: Dues-paying members of the Leadership West Alumni Association can attend (rsvp required) any of the 10 LWI modules.  Module 2 (the full-day “5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership” workshop) may have a small cost for certain levels of the LWAA membership (no more than $50)
  • Employees of President Circle Investors:  Members of Leadership West’s President’s Circle have the benefit of enrolling 1 or 2 individuals of their choice in the LWI.  Those at the $5,000 or above can enroll two individuals while those at the $2,500 level can enroll one individual.  This benefit provides our investors with a real-value deliverable that can play an important part in an organization’s professional development strategy. Typically, 60-days prior to module 1, President’s Circle members are made aware of this benefit and how to enroll their participants. Click here to view investor opportunities.
  • Independent participants: A West Valley resident may choose to enroll in the LWI independent of any of the above scenarios.  The application process is less selective than that of our Flagship Program and the cost of the LWI is $795.  To receive more information about the LWI (including the specific module topics for our upcoming LWI), please email us at [email protected].  The application period runs from June 1 through July 31 with the program beginning toward the end of September.  Usually 60 days prior to the application period, more detail on the LWI can be found on our website.

Who should attend?

This program is an ideal professional development experience for those within your organization with great leadership potential and an increasing level of responsibility.  The LWI serves a valuable role in helping them to further develop their leadership skills and self-awareness as a leader.

They will also participate in extensive leadership discussions with other current leaders and leaders-to-be and develop strong relationships with other LWI participants as well as with our Flagship Program participants.

Those that successfully complete the LWI will be formally recognized at our Annual Awards Banquet in early June.