The title C-Squared refers to the nature of the issues discussed/debated over a meal (Controversial AND Consequential).

A great leader is eager to see both sides of the critical issues of the day and avoids the trap of unchallenged certainty.  One of the pillars of a Civic Ownership Mindset is Inquiry before Advocacy and this event seeks to support that.  These events serve to do the following:

  • Provide our West Valley leaders and alumni members an opportunity to further develop critical Leader to Leader relationships.
  • Gain a more complete understanding of the hot-button issues of the day.
  • Enjoy a great meal with others that love (and lead) the West Valley!

Typically, once an issue is decided upon, members of our Alumni Association Council reach out to a credible spokesperson from both sides of the respective issue.  Additionally, a highly skilled moderator is invited to run the debate.  The goal with the C-Squared event is CLARITY not CONSENSUS.  There is plenty of time to build consensus once leaders are dealing with the same fact universe and have achieved a degree of understanding regarding the opposing sides point of view.  By having a credible spokesperson there from both sides, claims can be challenged and understanding broadened.

Some of our recent Controversial & Consequential topics include Common Core, Immigration, Marijuana and Open Primaries.