Leadership West engages, informs and inspires proven leaders in business, non-profits and government to leverage their time, talents and leadership capital to enhance the quality of life in the West Valley and Arizona. When you connect with Leadership West, you connect with distinguished, diverse decision makers in the community who make important things happen.

Since its inception in 1993, Leadership West, a 501(c)3, has provided broad-based community education and access to key decision-makers to leaders in virtually every aspect of the region. Our alumni are actively and effectively impacting the future of the West Valley. We are mayors and council members; school board members and educators; real estate developers; medical providers; small business owners and representatives of corporate giants; grass roots activists; media executives; non-profit directors; municipal employees; artists and architects and more. Every aspect of the region is represented.

Through our 10-month Flagship Program, Leadership West provides leaders a training program that focuses on:

  • Increasing Regional Awareness (West Valley and beyond)
  • Building Leader to Leader Relationships
  • Further Developing Leadership Skills

You can read more about Leadership West’s focus on developing and retaining Fourth Quadrant Leaders and further promoting a Civic Ownership Mindset throughout the West Valley by clicking the links below:

By providing both an education and a relationship-building opportunity, Leadership West brings the “best and the brightest” together to solve community problems. We encourage you to take full advantage of getting to know the alumni and taking advantage of all the opportunities Leadership West offers, this year and forever more.