Each of our homes and organizations operates in this larger Civic Ecosystem that is somewhere between completely healthy and highly toxic.  More often than not, we don’t pay much attention to the ecosystem, choosing instead to exclusively focus on our own world within the larger world.

But someone is making decisions that determine how healthy or toxic the civic fabric is that surrounds us all and has a significant impact on how well we are all doing.

Become a 4th Quadrant Leader!

4th Quadrant leaders are those that make life better for all of us.

They see not only their own organization, but also the Civic Atmosphere in which it is trying to operate.  Furthermore, they combine a highly developed set of leadership skills with a highly developed Civic Ownership Mindset.

We have plenty around us who have great leadership skills, but perhaps only use them to further their individual or organizational self-interest.  To these we seek to add a Civic Ownership Mindset and invite them to lend their skills to the greater good, the Civic Fabric that touches us all and determines where we’ll all end up down the road.  Sometimes as little as 60 minutes per month can have a significant impact.

We also have plenty that have a strong sense of community stewardship (what we refer to at Leadership West as Civic Ownership), but lack the leadership skills to effectively leverage and spread their good intentions for greatest possible impact.  To these we wish to add the leadership skills necessary to magnify their community-oriented actions.

When an individual has a highly developed set of leadership skills in ADDITION TO a highly developed Civic Ownership Mindset, we refer to this individual as a 4th Quadrant Leader.

As the complexity and significance of both the challenges and the opportunities continue to grow in the West Valley, we need 4th Quadrant Leaders who can make the best of both and ensure that the West Valley continues to move onward and upward.