Leadership West exists to further develop and retain talented civic-minded leaders in the West Valley.  This great undertaking requires the support of municipalities, businesses and other organizations that believe in this mission.  We simply can’t do it without you!

Below, you’ll see three categories of sponsorship/investment opportunities:

  • President’ Circle: Our President’s Circle members invest a single amount that is divided up to support a portion of several programs and events throughout the year.  The minimum President’s Circle investment amount is $2,500. Click here to inquire.

  • Single Event Sponsorships:  Each of our events requiring financial support is listed in this category.  Sponsoring an event is a focused way of contributing to specific event(s) that resonates with your organization. Click here to inquire.

  • Naming Rights Partners:  Both the Leadership West Institute and the Leadership West Alumni Association are unique institutions within Leadership West.  Both have extensive programs and activities throughout the year and have their own branding presence as well. Click here to inquire.

President Circle Levels

Pinnacle Partner Visionary Partner Strategic Partner
$7,500 $5,000 $2,500
Year Long Flagship Program Participant (Traditional All-Day program) 1 individual N/A N/A
On-Site “5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership” Workshop (10 seats) N/A N/A
Leadership West Institute Participants 2 participants 2 participants 1 participant
President’s Circle Luncheon 2 seats 2 seats 1 seat
Tickets to Awards Banquet 4 seats 4 seats 2 seats
Tickets to Summit 4 seats 2 seats 2 seats
Tickets to Quarterly C2 Luncheons 4 seats at each 4 seats at each 2 seats at each
Tickets to the Conversation on Leadership Dinner 4 seats 2 seats 2 seats
Access to alumni database

No matter which category you choose to invest in, we very much appreciate your support and are eager to work with you to ensure your organization is more than satisfied providing valuable support to Leadership West.

Any invested amount in one (or a combination) of the categories below at $2,500 or more entitles the sponsor/investor to one seat at semi-annual President’s Circle luncheon.

NOTE: Any Leadership West alumnus that (either individually or through their organization) invest $2,500 or more also receives the non-overlapping benefits of the $1,000 level of the Leadership West Alumni Association.